Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I voted No on Prop 100

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First to clear the air, I do not hate schools, kids, marching bands, art, choir, etc... that is not why I voted against Prop 100.  Nor is it because I am a homeschool mom.  Just because my youngest does not attend public school, does not mean I do not care about those who do.  Now that I have cleared that up, let me explain why I voted NO. 

In AZ, especially  the school district in which I reside, our schools are always crying for more of my money, making promises they can't keep, fail to keep those promises, then they start the begging cycle all over again.  I am tired of it.  Years ago while my eldest was in middle school (and public school), our district begged for money, making outlandish promises that were not kept.  Their threat? If we did not pass the prop, they would have to cut out fine arts (band, choir, etc).  What happened? They got their money,  they kept the arts, but cut the art's funding!!!!!!!!  Enough  with the lies and threats!!!! They have been given plenty, yet have abused and lost it.  Show me where it went!!!

 Prop 100 is not going to save the jobs of marching band directors or teachers.  Class room sizes will not decrease. 

Although I voted No, I won't be surprised if Prop 100 passes.  And when your band director gets laid off or they cut more funding from the fine arts, don't say I didn't warn you.

One more thing, there is nothing voluntary about this tax!!!  It is a sales tax.  Food is the only exemption.  I do not get a choice, I will be forced to pay this tax whether I am buying a new sofa or toilet paper.!!!!!!

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