Thursday, April 9, 2009

My baby comes home 2day!!!

It is after midnight and I can not sleep. I need 2, but I am so excited to see my son today. He left for Kenya the day after Christmas and was originally supposed to come home in March. Then he was offered a two year long term volunteer gig (you can read about the whole saga at ). Then due to circumstances out of our control, Justin sent me a text Saturday morning, as I was getting finishing packing and getting ready for breakfast with Chip and Dale at the Disney Grand Resort and then fly home. This is the text you never want to get from your child. "Mom, call me asap, it's an emergency"!! So I called him, got the scoop and since I knew he was safe with a friend (that I believe God put in Justin's life to protect him), I told him to sit tight and I would handle everything as soon as I got home. We were able to get him on a flight this week and today I will get to hold my son tight and praise God he is safe and home. As I write this, I am praying my son's flight from Kenya to London was safe, as well as the 8 hours that he has to wait for his flight from London to Phoenix. I am praying for him to arrive home safely. I have missed him so much, but yet had peace from God, that my son would be OK. God is Good. Even though Justin won't be staying for the 2 years that he was so excited to do, God was with him all the time, and still is. No matter where Justin is, God has plans for that boy, and I can't wait to see what is next.

For me, this is the best Easter Gift God could have given to me, other than having Jesus die for my sins, kinda wish is could have happened two weeks earlier so Justin could have gone on vacation with us. It is ironic that this happened at the end of our vacation. We have not had a family vacation for years. I have been sick for many years, had too many surgeries last year and this year is going to be a frustrating years of more doctors and therapy. We kept waiting for me to get better, and knowing now that it is not going to happen (don't worry its not terminal, just disabling), we decided now was the time. And with the economy, we figured if we did not go now, we may not be able to afford to go for many more years. It felt odd not having Justin with me at Disneyland. This was the first time, I have been there without him, he has been there once without me for a Jazz band competition. Our Disney trips started with me and Justin (and his Aunt Ami) going for Justin's 3rd birthday. Then I took him for his 5th, 7th, and 8th. My mom joined us for his 8th and we skipped the bargain hotel and stayed at the Disneyland resort. Then later that year Justin and I went again for my 30th bday. For his 9th birthday, my husband (at that time he was my fiance, we married later that year) and his brother joined us. After Drew and I married, our new family moved to Denver. It wasn't as affordable to go as it was when we lived in AZ, so we didn't, then after moving back to AZ, I became pregnant with Abby. Once Abby turned 3, we headed back to Disneyland. This was our first trip to Disneyland in over 5 years. On our 2nd day, I had to be taken to the hospital, ended up having an appendectomy. But that did not stop me! We added a day to replace the one lost during surgery and with a wheel chair and meds, my husband, kids. and I continued to enjoy the happiest place on earth. As a make up trip we went for a few days the next year. It has been 3 years between the last trip and our current one. We had a blast, we have been there enough to be able to relax and do what we want and not feel we have to rush and do everything. We always go for a week, that gives us time to see all the shows, or parades or spend time at the hotels or resorts. The only thing missing this time was my son. I pray I can earn enough money to take us back next year and have him with us.

Besides Disney (which I will tell you all about another time), the most awesome thing about Justin's return is: The last time we worshiped at church together as a family was Christmas Day morning, the day before he left, and now after we pick him up at the airport, we will be heading to church together, with my mom and prayerfully his friends, to worship together for Maundy Thursday. What a Blessing! I am crying as I write this, because God is so good, and I will be praising Him for so many things tonight.

I spent today getting Justin's bedroom freshened up for him. Will finish doing some laundry for him and washing his bedding when I get up in the morning. Plan to buy him some comfy new pillows too!

We will be having an Open House Welcome Home Party for Justin next week. I will be posting the time and day on our website. And for those who are out of state, the next week we will have an internet chat party! We are also scheduling speaking engagements for Justin at Holy Cross and Family of Christ Lutheran Churches. His experience was amazing and he touched the lives of many.

Well I better head to bed, have laundry and shopping to do tomorrow, before we head to the airport. Oh yeah one last thing, Abby has no clue!!!! She thinks we are just going to Starbucks with Di and Jesse before church tonight!!! And because our family is known to go out to eat at a hospital (good and cheap food!), and other crazy things like that, she won't catch on when we go to the Starbucks at the airport, she will just think it's cool! Can't wait to see her face, when Justin comes thru the gate!!!!

God bless and good night!
Mrs. C.


  1. Thats great that you guys will be together for Easter, what a great way to celebrate! Sorry I haven't commented earlier, sometimes I am wrapped up in my own little world of autism and don't get to reply to others as much as I would like too. I think its great what Justin has been doing.
    Take care

  2. Like I said, I am new at this, I accidently deleted your first post. lol!!! ooops!!! I hope Mathias is doing well, I pray for you and him daily.