Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 trust or not 2 trust!?

2 trust or not 2 trust, that is my question?!

Who do you trust? Your spouse? Your children? Your Parents? Family? Friends? Co-Workers? These would be people you physically interact with.

A yes to any of these I could understand. You have built a relationship with each of them. You can tell by their eyes or body language if they are lying. After time you can even tell by how they word something, or use a tone that sends the warning bells.

Who do you share your most intimate feelings with? Who would you trust to baby, house or pet sit? Who would you share the location of where you live with? Who would you make vacation plans with? Who would you buy a house with? Let alone live with?

If you list shrinks depending on the question, that's good. Who would you trust with your financial information example: check book, debit or credit card? Is your list shrinking, if not shrunk to only one physical person by now?

Now............. what if the only contact you had was thru email or phone? How much of your personal info would you indulge? This includes people met thru Facebook, Myspace, and anywhere else online. Take some time to ponder this post and reply. Even if you choose to not post a reply, please think about these questions, and how they apply to your own life.

Now I want to give you some more things to think about and to be aware of. First understand that I have nothing against making friends, and believe that a few make actually find love online. I have made some awesome friends online and hope one day to meet them in person. Meet at Starbucks, have a latte, or meet at a restraunt. But I would never invite someone into my home, nor let them know my address until I have met them and have gotten to know them. Online you can be anyone you want to be. If you have never met me in person, would you know if what I was saying was real or made up? That's my point you have no idea, nor do I about you. My home is my safe place. the place where my family plays and sleeps. It is our safe haven from the weather and the world. When we are having a bad day, things get better once we are home and able to relax.

It seems everyday we hear on the news about another woman killed, by an obsessed idiot, or ex-husband. We hear about woman who have been conned. A friend who will remain nameless, had this happen to her: She met a man online, he said the right things, she thought they were in love, he needed money, she lent it to him....... Her money is gone, so is he, and her heart is broken.

What I am getting at is, please be carefull!!!! Even when I meet people in public, it takes a long time until I invite them to my home, my sanctuary. Think I am paranoid? Hardly, once when leading a bible study, we had a new woman, who was not a member of our church, we were thrilled, for she was a new believer. I never met her anywhere outside of church. She became obsessed with me. She scared the crap out of me. Finally I had to confront her. She was angry, and began stalking me at church!!!! Of all the places to be stalked, I am thankful that it was church and not my home. When it was very evident that she was not going to stop, my husband and pastor stepped in and they protected me and we filed a report with the city police. She was never seen again, at least at my church. I have had one occurrence where she was at the same place at the same time, but there is no way she could have known I was going to be there. So I kept my distance, and moved on. Thankfully she never followed me home!

So I leave you this last thought. Please be very careful about what you tell someone online and in person. Really take the time to get to know them. There is nothing rude about not inviting someone to your home in this day and age, when violence is the norm. If I sound paranoid, it's because I have seen to many get hurt or taken advantage of.

Stay safe and God Bless!

Mrs. C.

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