Friday, May 1, 2009

Coffee, my best liquid friend :)

I read an article that has put coffee on my brain.... So I thought I would ask all my friends a few questions relating 2 coffee. Do you mostly brew your own, or get it on the run? If on the run, do you bring your own cup, who do you purchase your on the run coffee from and what is your favorite coffee drink(s)? Now if and when you brew your own, do you buy whole bean or ground, what is your favorite brand, and what determines the brand of coffee you choose? I am looking forward to your comments and will share my fav's and why sometime this weekend, right now I need to brew some coffee and get some work done :) Have a caffinated day!


  1. First I have to say I am a coffee FANATIC!!! I have become like my dad and could literally have it pumpedinto my veins and I doubt the caffeine would affect me :) LOL now on to the questions :)

    I brew my own AND get it on the run! One cup at home before I leave and one on the run :)

    No I do not bring my own cup, I purchase it from Starbucks of course!!! My favorite drink is- Cafe Americano, extra cream five sweet n lows The stronger the better!!!

    Buy whole bean (most of the time unless the budget is tight)Favorite brand for whole bean is Starbucks, I chose starbucks because their dark roasted beans are so bold and I love bold strong coffee, but if its a tight budget I have discovered the Folders Dark Silk I think its called is the best for ground and it lasts a long time!

  2. My choice of coffee and why.
    First for my on the run: When I just need a quick caffine fix and money is tight, I love McDonalds iced coffee. Their Hazelnut Iced Latte rocks! But my first choice of on the run coffe is Starbucks. I always get their Iced White Mocha Chocolate, non-fat and no whip. Abby's favorite is the Double chocolate chip frappachino. I only drink hot when I am chilled to the bone. I try to treat Abby and I this at least once a week, we sit outside and either work on her homework, talk, or people watch! As for why Starbucks is my favorite, the coffee is the best, there is a store at the corner of my neighborhood, and the free internet! I rarely take my own cup, shame on me, since I own a ton! But do use my own when brewing my own and taking it with me.

    Now for home. I usually brew enough for me to have at least 3 cups a day. My favorite brand is Starbucks, which I purchase weekly at their store. I buy the Kenya Whole Bean blend. It is a rich bold coffee and tastes awesome. I could drink it black, but I love my creamers. I grind my beans with each pot brewed, nothing beats freshly ground coffee. I drink it iced, with flavored non-dairy creamer, and NO sweetner. My favorite creamer flavors are Vanila/Caremel, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Hazelnut. My iced coffee creations are better than anything you can buy on the run.

    As for why I purchase the Kenya blend from Starbucks: I first noticed and started buying this blend when Justin left for Kenya. At first I bought it because I liked it and according to Starbucks purchasing this blend helps the coffee growers in Kenya. When Justin came home, I told him about the coffee. He saw a lot of misuse of money in Kenya, from all sorts of groups or people supposedly there to help the people. While the coffee business is ran by American companies, and they are the ones making the big bucks, the people who are working the coffee fields or selling their beans to them are native Kenyans. Without the big business' there, these people would not have jobs. Justin feels this is the best way (next to going there and volunteering) to help the people of Kenya. My purchase trickles down to becoming the earnings of a Kenyan family. Now knowing that this really does help Kenyans, I will buy no other brand or blend. I can enjoy each cup knowing that I am helping a man to feed his family or to send his children to school.

    Facebook friends: Most of you responded on Facebook, but you are welcome to share your responses again here. :)