Friday, May 8, 2009

Blessings of being a Mother.

Today I pray that every mother knows how much she is loved, cherished and most of all blessed.
Pictured is me and my mother, my sweet hubby and my babies. Ok so one of my babies is an "adult" according to U.S. law, but no matter how old my children are they will always be my babies.

This weekend is for families, a day to thank moms, for being there thru good times and bad. For always having a shoulder to cry on or for just listening to us ramble on about nothing. It is also a day for children to thank their moms for loving them, not to mention for giving birth to them, especially when many feel a child is a burden if not born into perfect circumstances. It is a day for husbands to thank their wives. And a day for women to thank God for blessing them with the gift of motherhood.

Being a mother is an honor. Whether we give birth or adopt a child, God knows who our children will be. To be trusted with this gift, this responsibility, this blessing that brings joy and sorrow to us daily, is truly amazing. We ask why me? Why was I blessed with this privilege?

How can we even begin to thank God for trusting us with His children? Just as we are children of God, so are our children. We love them, we baptize them, we teach and show them God's love and mercy. We hug them, we kiss them, we bandage scraped knees, and we discipline them. We watch them grow, and the time flies by..... One day they are babes, needing us for everything, then in a blink of an eye, they are adults who no longer need us to do things for them, but they still need our love, hugs and at times a shoulder to cry on. Just as their Heavenly Father, mothers are always there for their children with open arms. While we hope they will always heed our advice, we know they will make mistakes. As God forgives us and them, we too forgive a repentant child.

While motherhood is a blessing, it is also a challenge. There is no rule book!! If there was, would we seek God's wisdom during times of trial and frustration? Being a mother without the guidance of God would make raising a child even harder. It is funny when our children are little, we think it will be easier when they are older. That is actually when it is the hardest. There are times we don't know what to do or say when we see our older children making mistakes and they do not want to listen to us. Yet God is there for us with open arms and ears, as we pray, we pray for God to guide our babies.

Being a mother never ends. Like I said, my "adult" son, will always be my baby. I will always see him as my little boy, yet respect the man he has become. Our relationship has grown thru the years, and changed over time, but no matter how old he becomes, he will always know he can come to me. I may not offer advice, I may not have answers, but I will always have a listening ear, a hug and a prayer. My daughter is still young, she still needs my guidance on a daily basis. I thank God she does, because one day I will wake up and she too will be an adult.

This weekend may our love for our children remind us of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. May we take time to thank Him for the gift of motherhood. May God bless every mother today and for every tomorrow that follows.

Happy Mother's day!
Mrs. C.

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