Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still climbing...

Strangely I am thankful for my "climb". "It's not about whats waiting on the the other side, it's the climb". That is how I feel. What I think about when I listen to this song is, no matter how bad the pain is, as long as I am still climbing, I am OK. I can't let the words of others bring me down. So while some think because I can't fill my schedule with places to go, that my quality of life is less, I can't and won't think that way. In fact at times I feel more blessed than those I see always on the go. God has slowed my life so that I can enjoy so many more quiet moments, so much more quality time with my family. I personally don't know many people who have the kind of relationships that I have with my children.

Everyone has their own mountain to climb. Some of us just climb slower than others. My prayer for you is to take your time, don't climb so fast that you miss the beauty around you. Don't miss out on the quiet times. And if you see someone who has fallen, help them up, unless they are just resting, then join them and enjoy the view!

-Mrs. C.

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