Monday, May 4, 2009

My baby girl is growing up.....

It is with joy and sadness that I watch my daughter grow up. She is the baby, the one who makes me feel young. This weekend we had another milestone moment of our daughter growing up. She has spent the past few months debating with herself whether or not she was ready to do this. She would go back and forth, driving me crazy. Until I finally told her that it is her decision, not mine, but when she is really ready for this and the responsibility that comes with it, I would take her to have it done. I explained that she did not need to rush into this, that I did not have this done until I was 12, nor have I ever pushed the idea on her. Finally she decided to have it done. And on Friday night after a week of her excitingly telling every person she met, our family went to the mall.

We had a nice dinner, she was nervous, so we took her dinner home. All thru dinner, this was all she spoke about. She was skipping and bouncing thru the mall, joy was in the air until.......she sat in the chair. Her big brown eyes filled with tears, yet she wasn't really crying, her little body began to quiver........

At this point, I thought she was going to back out and I would have an extra $30 to shop with that night. I asked her one more time, if she really wanted to go thru with it. As she stared at me with those big wet eyes, I could see how much she wanted to do this, I could also see her fear. So Daddy and I each took a hand, she squeezed hard, and before she knew it her ears were pierced.

Afterwards I told her how proud I was of her. Not because she had her ears pierced, but because she overcame her fear to have it done. That night I saw my baby girl go from being one who would cling to me crying when she was scared, to a little lady, who was determined to get what she wanted done. I am thanking God that she still needed to hold Daddy and Mommy's hands. I am not ready for her to not want or need me to help her. So in honor of her milestone, I am gifting her my 14kt gold Mickey Mouse earrings, once her ears are healed. She can not wait, and I will have to endure a very long six weeks until she can wear them. :)

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