Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buckle up, we are in for a bumpy ride...

You may notice some of my past posts are missing. There is a reason for this.

After a lot of thought and prayer my husband and I have decided that we are filing a complaint with the AZ Med Board and will attempt to retain a lawyer for the permanent damages caused by a surgeon last August. Now that we know that I am disabled for life, we need to do this. So to make things a bit easier on myself, I have removed all comments about the surgeries and surgeons. I do not want my blog to be used against me if we go to court.

There is a chance the AMB will throw this complaint out, but a chance I need to take. If anything I pray that when the surgeon finds that he caused so much damage he will be more careful with future patients. As for the law suit, this took much prayer and talk with my husband. I know alone I could not face this emotional battlefield that we are heading into, but with God and my husbands promise to hold me tight when I cry, I am ready. I have medical needs that we can not afford, so we are taking the plunge. No matter what the outcome, in finding a lawyer who is brave enough to take this Dr. on, or what a trial will bring, I do know that God will provide. Somehow, someway, God will make sure we have what we need.

God has blessed us with a friend who his lending us one of his cars for the summer.
Please join us in prayer as we ask God to guide us to a permanent transportation solution.
Our van is beyond repair, and with what it would cost to repair what is fixable,
we could purchase a "new' used vehicle.
I am also in need of many items to help with my quality of life.
Those items include (but are not everything) a wheelchair with rising leg support, a walker with a seat and back rest and basket underneath, a bath chair, a king size foam mattress, and the funds to hire a housekeeper.

For those new to my blog or didn't see the last post update, that I have removed:
While performing a common procedure, my surgeon severed nerves that can not be fixed.
For the rest of my life I will be fighting pain.
I am very limited in my physical activity.
Everything I do causes great pain.
Walking, standing and sitting straight up causes uncontrollable pain.
I do walk, but it is not without consequences.
I spend most of my day in bed or in my lounge chair where I can elevate my feet and take pressure off the source of pain by remaining in a reclined position.
My bed and couch have become my "office".
There is more, but do not feel I should be posting it at this time.
Please pray for me, everyday is a struggle.
It is my faith and trust in Jesus Christ that get me through each day,
and sometimes each hour.
Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue praying for me. The pain never ends and life must go on. I will be vaguely updating the situation on my blog.

Have no fear!!!! I have many other subjects to write about!!!

God bless,
Mrs. C.

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