Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not my loaf of bread!?

Today Abby and I decided we would do something nice for her daddy. Drew does most of the cooking, since I am not often physically up to it. I was actually excited, Abby and I planned to make scrambled eggs,orange juice and French toast. So we went to the grocery store last night and bought all the needed items. We had a coupon to get a French bread baguette for free!! Whoo hoo!! We were very blessed, in fact so blessed that we even found the only bag labeled french bread among several flavors.

This morning I started slicing the beautiful loaf of bread to make nice thick pieces of french toast with. While slicing, I noticed something in my bread!?! By sight it appeared to be an almond. HHMMM... I have never had french bread with nuts in it..... then I pulled it out.... HHMMMM almonds don't usually get soft and squishy with baking. Oh well, I just threw it out and continued slicing...... there was another, and another, finally brought it closer to my face for a better inspection. Sniff, Sniff, oh, oh...... these weren't almonds, they were cloves of GARLIC! The bakery put the wrong bread in my bag, what we got is what we tried to avoid, GARLIC BREAD.

Since I was so hungry and did not want to have to go back to the store, I just continued to make my french toast. I would wait and see if anyone would figure it out.

Well, not only did they not notice.... we have declared it the BEST FRENCH TOAST ever. It was really, really good. I have a secret recipe that is so sweet that syrup would be too much and ruin it. After we finished eating, I came clean to my husband. He got a kick out of it and we laughed about my Famous Garlic French Toast!

And no, I won't be sharing my secret ingredients that can make even garlic bread into the best darn french toast ever!!! :)

Ya know, this may be the other reason I do not cook often!!!!!???!!!

-Mrs. C